Bring Some Spring Into Your Home


After a long winter we are all anxious to bring some spring into the home! From new decor to letting the fresh air in, there are many ways to invite this beautiful season indoors.

Consider adding in some seasonal decor. It doesn’t have to be permanent or expensive—you can easily switch things up with fresh cushions, prints and vases. Choose lighter colours and patterns that reflect the season, including soft blues, white, light grey, lavender and pastel pink and pretty floral patterns. A fun trend for the season is adding in bold pops of colour. Spring elements in your decorating really brighten things up and make it feel fresh, just like the season does.

Another great spring touch to add is with flowers and plants—fresh or artificial. These look great anywhere in the home, as they really bring the room to life! Add hanging plants, a grassy centrepiece, a wreath, potted plants, a glass terrarium or vases with bouquets. You will also enjoy the fragrance of fresh cut flowers and they instantly improve your mood too! They are very welcoming in the home.

With the warm weather here, open the windows! No more stale indoor air—let the fresh spring breeze move throughout your home. This helps reduce and eliminate dust mites. Letting in the fresh air also has a positive effect on your health.

So breathe in that fresh air and the smell of fresh cut flowers, spring has arrived in your home!

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