How to Beat the Heat at Home 

If you’re one of the lucky ones that can cool off in your backyard pool or take a break indoors with air conditioning, you’ll have it made. If not, here are some other ideas that can help you beat the heat at home this summer.

Air Circulation
Fans can make a world of difference! It only costs approximately five cents per hour to operate a fan and it makes the room feel four to six degrees cooler. Install ceiling fans in the rooms you use the most, especially the bedrooms. Make sure you adjust the settings so they run counter-clockwise to pull the hot air up instead of just pushing it around the room. To save money, only run the fan when you’re in the room.

Window Wells
Use sun blockers on the windows to help keep the heat out. Add curtains and blinds and keep the shades drawn when direct sunlight is pouring in. Also turn the lights off when you can. Light bulbs, even environmentally friendly ones, give off heat. Take advantage of natural light throughout the home.

Cool Cook
In the kitchen, try to avoid using the stove and oven as much as possible on hot days. Brainstorm some cold meal ideas like summer salads or use the outdoor grill instead and keep the heat out of the home.

Sleep Light
Using light coloured and lightweight cotton bedsheets will help your body stay cool at night and help you sleep better. Cotton is a naturally breathable material and will help prevent you from feeling overheated.

Keep these tips in mind to help keep cool!

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