Autumn decor on a budget

Autumn is such a fun time to dress up your home for the season. Stores make eye-catching products and decor pieces that are hard to resist, but also hard to afford. With these easy tips, you can decorate your home for the season without breaking the bank.

Second-hand shopping
Second-hand shopping is easier now than ever. With endless second-hand stores, and online free and for sale groups there are so many places to browse for home decor. Do a quick search for your local thrift shops and browse the aisles for home decor in bright autumn colours including red, orange, brown, gold, and more! Frames, photos, baskets, trinkets, and dishware are all great things to buy second hand.

Rely on Nature
Nature is all around us and you can use it to your home decorating advantage. Pick flowers from your own backyard to place in your favourite rooms around the house. There are even online tutorials to make roses out of beautiful red, orange and yellow leaves. Visit local farmers markets and pick up some gourds, squash and apples to display in clear bowls in your kitchen. Pick up pine cones and acorns from around the neighbourhood and place in the bottoms of vases. Branches can be placed in planters and wrapped with twinkle lights to spruce up the front porch.

There’s no better way to save money than to use what you already have! Swap out your pillow covers for more seasonal colours and patterns. Old knitted sweaters and blankets are great options to use when repurposing pillows. Place white or fall coloured candles in vases and jars and place around the house. When lit they create a cosy warm glow. If you have old dated autumnal figurines, spray paint them in a fresh colour such as white or gold. Print off beautiful autumnal scenery and replace the bright floral photos in your home.

Post Season Sales
The best time to purchase home decor is AFTER the season ends. With stores wanting to clear out their inventory, you are likely to find great sale prices which will save you a lot of money. Hardware, craft, department, and grocery stores are all great places to visit for end of season sales. This is also a great tip for buying seasonal clothing and household supplies.

Quality over quantity
If you want to invest in new seasonal decor look for quality over quantity. Purchasing items that are timeless and sturdy will last much longer than cheap and trendy knick-knacks. Only buy items that you love and that you know you will use for years to come. Take care of these pieces while they are being used and store them properly in places where they won’t break or get ruined.

With these tips and tricks, you’re sure to have the most festive and budget-friendly house on the block!

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