Get Fit in Hamilton


The city of Hamilton has plenty of options to inspire you to stay fit, especially if that was one of your new year’s resolutions. Here are some ideas:

Hamilton has lots of pools, arenas and fitness centres. If you’re in Hamilton and looking for a gym, rink or pool, the city is well outfitted with many of them. Glide around the rink, weight train, swim…whatever keeps the heart pumping all winter! The City is now offering assistance programs for lower-income residents to take part in leisure activities. For a full activity guide visit

A quick Google search will put you in contact with all sorts of franchise fitness and privately owned gyms in your area. Find a reasonable membership and location and become your best self in 2019. Whether you’re looking to pump iron or join a boot camp, Hamilton has plenty of fitness outlets. Some popular venues include Crunch, Momentum, and The Gym on Fennell.

Cross country skiing and hiking is a fantastic way to stay active throughout the long winter. Find exclusive vantage points in Dundas Valley and Valens Conservation Areas this winter. Get away from the city and ski across the dam at Valens on the fringes of the city limits. Ice fishing, snowshoeing, pond hockey and all sorts of fun can be had through the Hamilton Conservation Authority. Be sure to plan your winter day trip by visiting

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